Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bad Poetry - September

Deceitful woe gone without presence be,
Presence not of me,
But presence of the miraculous other,
For which heart most definately flutters,

Insanity, paranoia, obsession combine,
Crushing hearts to powder fine,
Eating souls with it`s pretentious mouth,
If only she hadn`t gone sout,

Dreams of ecstatic flashes,
Come to me in light catches,
Stem sprouting from head`s side
Troubled eyes do but abide
Fear in that little nose,
Wish that there less clothes
Wish that there were more detail
Wish that it all werent so frail

Emotionless sentimentals, loveless romantics,
Paradoxical figures struck in private semantics,
Why lie to the self, others there is understanding
But you are one with you,
Why not say the truth to two,

Shine a light in this abyss,
And maybe from that springs a kiss,
Maybe even 20 nows away,
Remember every day,
Of pure magnetic influence,
Upon which you practice,
Killing things - - -


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