Monday, December 20, 2004

I saw it in a Dream

Follow me into my universe
Atop a Seuss-ian cliff
A port etching across trees
With a light brown light stone

My feet go and travers
This nature's blessing, stiff
Watching these glowing bees
And for a second, I am all alone

The moon there watching
Spreads her light across
How like a giant candle
Flickers in the leaves
Like Secret lovers dancing

Then like a silent blessing
On the early dew covered moss
Your foot a graceful dandle
It cries as it leaves
Wishing for more prancing

You nestle promptly next to me
A proud lion's grin

Completeness in this picture
All is well, all is complete
Lovers looking onto lovers
Holding one watching nature
Dance till the sun breaks the beat
To help you grow pretty flower

Atop my fancy's bay i'll never walk
And forgive me flower
If of you to me I always talk
As an inpenetrable dark tower
crocrodile moat and all


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* correct later


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